Saturday, March 13, 2010

The call is answered

The call of the wild has been heard by all.

And all have responded. The primordial instinct to challenge nature has been unleashed. The willingness to suffer adversity in the hope of standing victorious over all mountains that dare to stand before him. To look Mother Nature in the eye and show no fear.

It is Man's ability to plan that gives him the edge in the contest with nature. Man must be suitably equipped and victualled before taking on such a mammoth challenge.

The call of the camping shop has been heard by all. And Man has responded as follows.

‘How many watts/kelvin of thermal resistance does the 700 loft duck-down hydratite sleeping system have?’ a Man asked Paddy Pallin hoping to ward off chilblains.

‘Will a gas fired cooker be capable of heating my casserole to 60 degrees at altitude?’ a Man enquired at Mountain Designs. ‘My ulcer flairs up at anything less’

‘My corns have been giving me gyp lately, I hope these will ease the pain’ said a Man at the Kathmandu checkout with scarpers in hand.

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